Tuesday, January 05, 2021

I may not be a "fashion influencer," but I can still have a "wardrobe malfunction" (of sorts) :)

I may love the color pink, but wearing various shades of pink tops every day got boring even for me.  So I did some "retail therapy"--I took advantage of a sale and bought one striped top and two print tops.  I was very pleased with my choices . . .

. . . until I noticed that I was just about the only woman wearing print tops on Zooms.

"It'll be your signature," said my oldest friend.  I thought that was a great idea . . .

. . . until I noticed that my print tops seemed to interact in an odd way with the lighting in our living-room and/or with a webcam or laptop camera and/or with Zoom--these tops seem to shimmer in the light, as if someone had spilled glitter on them.

I apologize for the distraction, but, apparently, I just can't hide my own light.  :)


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